Online Poker Rooms: Cheating and Collusion

Poker is a game of intense competition where the winner can win a lot of money by beating their opponent. Online poker is not any different. Cheating by players is a problem. Cheating is a common tactic used by some players to get an advantage and improve their chances of winning. Internet poker is relatively anonymous, which makes it easier to cheat.
Online poker rooms are aware of cheating by players and clever schemes. Here are some of the most common cheating methods used by online poker players, and the responses of online poker rooms to these cheats.
This cheating method involves abusing the “all-in” protection or “disconnect” protection, which was created to assist online poker players. It works like this: when a player disconnects or times out from an online poker site (which is a common thing, due to the unpredictable nature of internet connections), the money they have invested in the pot gets protected. The player will be entitled to the money that was invested when they log back in. It’s not their fault they were disconnected. If the poker player is disconnected and wins, the money he invested will be returned to him. The player with the best hand after the disconnect wins the side pots.
Some players attempt to take advantage of this feature. When they are afraid to play poker, some players intentionally disconnect their Internet connection to keep their money and not lose it. Online poker rooms have taken action against this clear example of cheating. This kind of cheating has become less of an issue than it used to be.
In the past, virtually all online poker rooms offered a feature known as “disconnect prevention”. Disconnect protection has been removed from many online poker rooms. Full Tilt Poker Stars and other online poker rooms will allow players enough time to reconnect in the event of a legitimate disconnect problem. If they do not return to the action in the allotted time, then their hand will be folded. The all-in cheats are completely eliminated from the online poker rooms.
There are almost always more tables without disconnect protection on other online poker sites. They are marked as “no-all-in” or “no-DP (disconnect)” tables. This turns off the feature of disconnect protection for players concerned about this exploit. Contact support immediately if you notice any abuse of the all-in feature at your online poker room.
All poker rooms also prevent this kind of cheating through the monitoring of disconnects. Players who are suspected of abusing this system will be banned from playing online poker. Victims of this kind of cheating can also receive monetary compensation.
The collusion of two players is when they work together to improve the chances of one player winning. Imagine two or more players playing together at a table in the same online poker site. They exchange information about their cards to see what cards remain in the deck. Even worse, they collaborate to raise the pot or squeeze out other players. They’ll probably share the profits at the end of the game.
It’s difficult to detect collusion because players often make decisions based on their personal poker strategies. If a player folds AQ on the flop, it could be because he knows his friend holds AK or if he is a extremely tight player that only plays premium hands.
This type of cheating is easier to detect, though, than you may think. All online poker sites keep a hand history database of all their players. They can tell if certain players are known to have played at the same table in the past. The databases of the casinos are scanned automatically with complex algorithms to look for signs of collusion. The staff will review any suspicious activity manually if they detect anything.
Online poker rooms have taken multiple measures to prevent collusion. Except for the rarest occasions, this is not a problem when playing poker online. Online poker rooms do take any reports of collusion seriously. Poker Stars has a reputation for being one of the most thorough sites in analyzing these situations. If you suspect collusion or cheating at your poker table, contact the customer service of any online poker room.
Most online poker rooms do not allow you to create more than one account. This doesn’t deter people from doing this – in some ways, the online poker rooms are to blame. In 홀덤 , players create new accounts because they are not receiving rakeback from their existing account and thus paying more than others. There’s a huge difference between creating an additional account and multi-accounting. This can be considered a form collusion.
When an online poker player plays on more than one account simultaneously at the same website, they are said to be multi-accounting. To increase their chances of winning, a player may enter an online tournament with multiple accounts. They could end up at the same table in rare cases, which would be unfair to the other players and a major advantage. This form of cheating can be easily detected by online poker rooms, and those who try to cheat will suffer serious consequences.
Online Poker Bots
Poker bots are computer programs that analyze poker games, especially starting hand, and take decisions on behalf of the player. Poker bots can be programmed to play for real money, while the player is asleep, at work or otherwise not paying attention to the game. Online poker sites do not like bots and consider them a form cheating.
Poker bots do not pose as much of a threat as some people (who may have been unfairly beaten) might like to think. They also receive far more attention than they deserve. Poker bots have been found to be an ineffective technique on rare occasions. Even amateurs cannot beat bot algorithms. Sites found to be using poker robots, however ineffective, have either failed or been banned from the online poker market.
The conclusion of the article is:
It’s impossible to deny that cheating happens. There’s no denying that cheating happens. When money is involved, there will always be people who try to cheat others. It’s not as bad as it seems. Online poker rooms are aware that dishonest players may cheat if they have the chance, so they spend a lot time and money to make the games fair. If you suspect foul play in an online cardroom, cash out your money and move it elsewhere.

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